McMillan K.S Khoza- Director

OELP-Oxford | MBA-UK | CMI 7| PGDM| Lean Six Sigma | PRINCE 2

McMillan is an Oxford educated business leader. Having completed the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme (OELP) from University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. Holding an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree with specialization in Finance and Operations from Nottingham Business School-UK. A Charted Management Institute (CMI)-UK Level 7-Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice also being a member of the CMI. A Post Graduate Diploma in Management with specialization in Corporate Governance. A Bachelor of Commerce degree with specialization in Management, Lean Six Sigma Advanced and Black Belt Certification. PRINCE2 Professional Practitioner certifications in Project Management.

After living and working in the United Kingdom (UK), focusing on social and economic development projects, aligned to London’s central business ecosystem. McMillan made a decision to foster global business collaborations that seek to create and add value to the continent of Africa as an emerging global market. Understanding some of the existing challenges and the need for solution driven focus around change leadership, building new dynamic capabilities for the future. Prioritizing People, Planet and Organisations in value creation and economic development. Possessing a background in financial services having worked on multi-million pound projects in South Africa and in the UK, McMillan has a strong business acumen, proficient in Strategy, Finance and Business Operations.

MMSG Pty Ltd

Change. Lead. Design- “Driven by purpose to glide change.”

At our core we are a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm. Partnering with organisations to help businesses manage change and transformation, focusing on improving organisational performance. Delivering change management and strategic and operational alignment geared towards helping organizations achieve improved customer centricity, product and service excellence. Our focus is on developing sustainable business ecosystems prioritizing the development of Africa’s people and economy. In the context of our “core operations” we merge change management with business leadership. Additionally, incorporating design through our product development studio which helps shape and redefine innovative work and hybrid spaces. Combing business with innovative design.

Within our “specialized operations” we aim to jointly partner with domestic and international organisations that prioritize corporate social responsibility initiatives that aim to develop new dynamic capabilities of the future in Africa. Through skills transfer and development enabling job creation opportunities, business opportunities for SME’s and new capability building within the continent of Africa. Our core value proposition is that we focus on creating measurable value in leading change and transformation. Our Africa Growth Project seeks to prioritize skills in technology, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics within the continent, partnering with diverse organisations to guide access to new markets. Managing pilot projects as well as full implementation roll outs. Our existence is for the social and economic development of Africa through seeking to address socio economic issues such as youth unemployment, skills, access to opportunities and creating new business opportunities that build dynamic capabilities for the future.

Our friendly, practical, partnership approach and can-do attitude ensures that program implementation is a success. Our people are highly experienced with operational management experience and we deliver business transformation through proven, pragmatic, hands-on project and change management support.

Together we can, change the world for better.

“Those who are crazy enough to think and believe they can change the world often do”
Steve jobs

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