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Change. Lead. Design – Driven by purpose to glide change

McMillan Management Services Pty Ltd

Driven by purpose to glide change

Welcome to our home page. We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm, centered around the alignment of purpose, in creating value guided by the Japanese principle of “IKIGAI”, translated in English to mean “a reason for being”. Our core aim is to help people and organizations transform and reimagine ways of work and living. Creating material and measurable value for People, Organizations and Planet.

Change Management

At MMSG we partner with organisations to help transform and reimagine ways of work, building resilience capabilities and redefining the way people work. Helping organisations lead with people, service and product quality in mind, at the heart of value creation. We help glide and navigate the process of change enabling organisations to improve strategic and operational delivery across organisations with greater alignment, purpose and engagement. How do we do this you wonder?

We do this in three ways, firstly through collaborative consulting, to help manage the process of change management, translating strategy across organisations. Our process starts with People redefining where people work and how, understanding that areas of work impact performance and output, thus enabling organisations to create conducive redefined hybrid working spaces for their people which put them first. As a valuable resource in optimizing output in a new environment. Secondly, we help organisations improve engagement and understanding of their people as a critical resource in executing strategy, using technology to translate critical organisational changes in ways that aim to break down silos, with a view to enhancing delivery capabilities against set key objectives and performance indicators.

Lastly, we provide the benefit of an objective view, helping organisations of all sizes to assess blind spot, reduce operational costs, measuring and quantifying change initiatives aligned to strategic and operational delivery. Removing the single lens view of internal bias and navigating internal organizational dynamics. Working alongside internal project teams, change managers and leadership teams to optimize strategic and operational delivery tied to key performance areas.

Leadership, Skills and Ecosystems Development

The Africa Growth Project : Building future capabilities and global market ecosystems

Our special operations aim to collaborate with international organisations, partnering with various subject matter experts globally to help develop and deliver programs which propagate the transference of critical skills in Africa as a developing market. Our core focus is on the development of business ecosystems which promote the enablement of new dynamic capabilities within Africa. Driving impact through the transference of critical skills through customized programs and initiatives in the areas of technology, engineering, manufacturing and global supply chain and logistics. Helping organisations gain access to new markets, pairing local partners with global partners to facilitate investment into Africa. Enabling investment that is mutually beneficial for the development of Africa’s people, economy and partners.